Frankie Candy Corn Tutorial by QuickCreations

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Tutorial Date
September 8, 2005

Here's what you'll need to complete this tutorial.
Paint Shop Pro
Although this tutorial is written for version 9 of PSP, it can be done in most versions if you are very familiar with program. Vector tools are handled a little different in this version.
You can find a trial version of PSP HERE

My green gradient. Extract it to your Gradient folder.

The gradient is saved in two different file extensions.
PSPGradient (which should work in newer versions of PSP)
GRD extension (a PSP 9 version)

If you do not have the TearDrop Preset Shape you can download it HERE Extract it to your Preset Shapes folder.

1). Open a new image 250x250 pixels, transparent background.

2). Select your Preset Shape Tool (or hit the letter "P" on your keyboard) and select the Tear Drop Shape with these settings.

Create as a vector: checked
Retain Style: Unchecked
Anti-Alias: Checked
Line Style: Solid Line, width 2
Foreground color: #004000.
Background color: Franken Candy Gradient:
Angle "0", Repeats "0",
Linear Style, Invert- "unchecked".

Draw a shape like this:
Tear Drop Shape

3). Click on the Pen Tool (keyboard letter V), under Mode: Edit. Select the top node, right click; Node Type: Smooth. Grab each end of the arrow and push in. Until it looks like this:


Select each side node and pull down and out slightly. Pull up slightly on the bottom node. You'll end up with this shape:

Edit 2

4). Let's save our shape because we'll need it later. First in the layer palete, click on the little plus sign to expand the layer. Right-click on the teardrop layer and choose, "rename" from the drop down menu and rename it Frankie Candy Corn. Now, Go to "File", "Export", "Shape". Enter the same file name, click okay. In your layer palette, right click on the vector layer and convert to raster layer.

5). Apply a cutout--Selections, Select All, Selections, Float, Effects, 3D Effects,Cutout with these settings:

Vertical & Horizontal: 5
Opacity: 90
Blur: 20
Shadow Color #004000

Repeat Cutout but change the Vertical & Horizontal setting to "-5".

6). Apply some noise: Adjust, Add/Remove Noise, Add noise with these settings:

Noise: 7%
Monochome: checked
Then deselect (Selections, Select none)

7). Let's draw some hair. Select the pen tool with these settings:

Foreground color: null/transparent
Background: black
Mode: Draw Freehand
Tracking: 10
Create as vector: Checked
Connect Segments: unchecked
Anti-alias: checked
show nodes: unchecked

Hold down your left mouse button and follow along the top of the head until you have some hair such as this:


Convert to a raster layer when you're satisifed with the hair.

8). Let's draw some eyes. Select your Preset Shapes Tool (keyboard letter P), select the candy shape you made earlier and use these settings:

Foreground: null/transparent
Background: black
Anti-alias: checked
Create as vector: checked
Retain Style: unchecked

Draw an eye such as this:

Eye Shape

Convert to a raster layer when you are happy with the eye shape.

9). Working on the eye shape, let's make the iris and the pupil. Select the Ellipse tool.

Mode: Draw Circle
Create as vector: checked
Foreground: null/transparent
Background: Frankie Candy Gradient

Draw a circle at the bottom of the eye shape. Convert to a raster layer when you are satisifed with your shape. Apply a blur: (Adjust, Blur, Blur More).

10). Change your background color to black, use the Ellipse tool again, same settings. Draw a black circle for the pupil. Convert to a raster layer.

11). Hide all layers except for three layers with the eye shapes. Merge visible.

12). Select the airbrush tool with these settings:

Airbrush Settings

Change the Foreground color to White, click twice to make the eye highlights and you should end up with your eye similar to this:

Eye Highlights

13). Make all layers visible again. Right-click on merged eye layer (your top layer) in the layer palette and duplicate it. Then go to Image, Mirror and make any adjustments that you want to the placement.

14). Let's make the nose. Select the Ellipse tool.

Mode setting: Draw Ellipse
Foreground: null/transparent
Background: Black

Draw an ellipse for the nose. Right-click on it and choose "convert to path" in the drop down menu. Click on the side nodes and pull the arrow up and out slightly. Convert to a raster layer when you're satisifed with the shape. You should have something similar to this:

Nose Shape

Apply an inner bevel with these settings:

Inner Bevel Settings

15). Let's draw the mouth and scar. Select the pen tool with these settings:

Mode: Draw Freehand
Create on Vector: checked
Connect Segments: unchecked
Show nodes: unchecked
Line style: solid line
Width: 4
Tracking: 10
Anti-alias: checked
Foreground: Black
Background: null/transparent.

Draw the mouth and the scar. Change the line width to 2 and draw some stitches on both. Right-click on this vector layer and convert to a raster layer when you're happy with your results and you should have something similar to this:


16). Draw the bolts. Select your Rectangle tool with these settings:

Mode: Draw Rectangle
Horizontal and Vertical Radius both at 0
Show nodes: unchecked
Create on Vector: checked
Anti-alias: checked
Foreground: null/transparent
Background: #004000

Draw two rectangles as show above. Convert to a raster layer. Apply the same inner bevel that we used on the nose. Right-click on this layer, choose Arrange and Send to Bottom. Right-click again, duplicate, then go to Image, Mirror.

17). Hide all layers except the hair and face details and merge visible. These are the layers that should be showing:

Apply a drop shadow with these settings:

Vertical= 2
Horizontal= 1
Opacity= 100
Blur= 5
Shadow color= Black

18). Make all layers visible again and merge visible, you're done! Add your name for a cute signature tag!