Easy Lace Background Tutorial

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Updated 7/11/2010
Original Tutorial Date
October 23, 2001 PSP 6

We are making this great background tile. This was an unexpected surprise in Paint Shop Pro. Not that nasty "PSP has caused a general protection fault...so sorry but your hard work has gone bye-bye surprise" but the one where you go...."oh wow!!! Look what I made...now how did I do that?" kind of surprise.

This is actually very easy to make and I bet by the time you finish this you'll be hooked making them LOL

Here's what you'll need:

Paint Shop Pro Screen shots are in PSP XI

Fantastic Machine's Paint Engine Filter PE Beta (Free Filter)

Simple Filter's "Pizza Slice Mirror" filter available HERE. This is also a free filter.

And you'll need my snowflakes tube (did I mention that's what I started out making, snowflakes....ended up with lace LOL) Download the tube HERE.

OK, get your filters installed, place the tube in your tube folder and let's have some fun.

First let me say, the screen shots and the color codes are for this tile with a blue background, after I made a couple more tiles, I went back and colorized it to the beige color. I'll give you my settings at the end of the tutorial in case you would like this color background.

Step 1. Open a new image, 200x200, transparent background.

Step 2. Flood fill with solid color #A1B1D0, open Fantastic Machine's Paint Engine filters and use
these settings: Again, this is an optional look. Also, if you can't get exactly the same numbers, that's okay, just get as close as you can.

Paint Engine Settings

Step 3. Add a new raster layer, click on the Picture Tube Tool, Snowflakes_qc tub and change the settings to this:

Tube Settings

Step 4. Draw some lines, this is what I have, yours won't be exactly like mine but that's fine :)

lace pattern

Step 5. Add a drop shadow with these settings:

Opacity = 62
Shadow Color = Black
Blur = 2.4
Vertical and Horizontal = 2

Step 6. Layers, merge visible.

Step 7. Load the Simple Filter's Pizza Slice Mirror and TA DA...... Lace!!!!!!!

Finished Tile

To get this look for the tile, go to ADJUST- HUE and SATURATION- COLORIZE with these settings: Hue and Saturation both set at 8

Colorized Tile

Here are some more examples. Change the color of the snowflakes and the background, change the size of the tube....have fun with it. There are a gazillion different combinations you can make.

Lace Examples

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial. Please email me with any questions or problems and I'll be happy to help.

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