How to make Marbleized paper

How to Make Marbleized Paper
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January 8, 2009
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I love to marbleize paper and I've come up with a digital way to get the same effect without all the mess and drying time. The best part is that you can use any photo or image of your choice, although please respect any copyrighted images. You're results will be different each time with the colors in the image you use.

Supplies Needed:

Paint Shop Pro- Screen shots are version PSP XI but has been tested in PSP X2

Image of your choice or you may use my image for the purpose of the tutorial only. Download HERE.

Tutorial Skill Level: Beginner

1. Resize your image to 300 x 300 and make sure "Lock aspect ratio" is UNchecked.

2.  Effects | Image Effects | Seamless Tiling with these settings:

Seamless Tile Settings

3. Select the Smudge Brush: Rake Hard brush but change the settings to the following:

Smudge Brush Settings

4. Start at the left corner of the image and pull straight across to the right side of the image; going off the image. The move the brush down slightly and pull across to the left. Continue one more time to the right.

Smudge Direction 1

5. Change the Rotation setting to "90" on the smudge tool; start at the same corner and pull straight down, move over slightly and make a pass straight up, continue with one more pass down.

Smudge Direction 2

6. Repeat the Seamless tiling in step 2.

7. Effects | Edge Effects | Enhance.

That's all there is to it, here's some more examples of tiles I came up with by changing the brush stroke.

Tile Examples
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