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Opal Stone Tutorial
Updated: 4/29/11 for PSP XI & X2
Original Tutorial Date: 7/23/01 PSP 6
Tutorial © Quick Creations

This tutorial is my original work and may not be copied, placed on CD or posted on another site without my expressed written consent. Please do not send the tutorial or any of it's supplies through email or upload it to any group. If you have any questions, or you find an error on the tutorial please email me and I'll be happy to help.

This tutorial will show you how to make the Opal stone pictured above. Some basic understanding of PSP is assumed, it can be done in most versions if you are familiar with your version.

Supplies Need:

Paint Shop Pro (screen shots are in version XI)

You'll need to download and install the MuRa's Meister Cloud 2.2 filter. If you are using Windows Vista with this filter please see my notes HERE before using this filter.

You'll need my tutorial files: Here The zip file contains my selection for the stone setting, the sparkles tube and the silver glitter jpg. Place the selection in your selection folder, place the tube in your TUBE folder and open the glitter jpg in PSP when needed.

BladePro or Super BladePro. You can download my Liquid Gold preset Here The use of SuperBlade Pro is optional, you can use whatever effect you'd like for the border and the setting.

Let's get started.

1. Open a new image 200x200 with a transparent background.

2. Click on your Selection tool: Selection Type:ELLIPSE, Feather-0, Antialias-CHECKMARKED. Draw an oval. Leave some room because you'll be adding a border later on. Do not deselect this oval until the end.

3. Open the silver glitter picture and flood fill your oval with this pattern.

4. Add a new raster layer, click on your air brush tool with these settings:

Airbrush Settings

5. If you have your Materials Palette open, click on your Foreground/Stroke Properties to have the Materials Properties open up. We are going to be using these 3 colors, starting with the light pink (#FFC0FF) and working towards the top.

Materials Properties

Add color by clicking around the area, not a heavy coat. It will be hard to see but we want a light touch. Add the next color #C0C0FF (light blue) and then the pale green (#COFFFF). Here's what I have.


6. On this layer go to your layer blend mode and change the layer to DISSOLVE.

Layer Blend Mode

7. EFFECTS - PLUGINS - MuRa's Meister: Cloud with these settings:

Cloud Settings

Please note the silk setting is random so your results will not be exactly as shown. Choose the silk setting first, then the next setting.

8. Add a new raster layer. Use my sparkle tube to add as much or as little sparkle on this layer as you would like.

Opal sparkle

9. Add a new raster layer. Go to IMAGE- EFFECTS- CUTOUT with these settings:

Opal Cutout Setting

Add another new layer and repeat the cutout, changing the horizontal and vertical offsets to (-3).

10. Now we'll add some highlights. Add a new layer, select your Ellipse tool, create on Vector (Unchecked) background color: White; foreground color: Transparent. Draw a small oval in the center of your image.

On the same layer, switch to the paintbrush with these settings:

Opal-paintbrush settings

Make your foreground color white and draw two lines as shown.


11. ADJUST- BLUR- GAUSSIAN BLUR with radius 7.00


13. SELECTIONS- MODIFY- EXPAND- by 10. Add a new layer and move this under your merged layer. Change your flood tool back to solid color and flood fill with white. Open BladePro and apply the qc_Liquid gold preset. LAYERS- MERGE- MERGE VISIBLE. DESELECT. You can export your Opal stone as a tube now without the setting if you would like.

Opal finished stone

14. To continue with the setting, minimize your stone and open a new image 300x300 with a transparent background. Add a new raster layer.

Then go to SELECTIONS- LOAD/SAVE SELECTION - LOAD FROM DISK- and open the Opal Setting_qc selection. Flood fill with white and apply the shiny gold BladePro preset. Deselect.

15. Select your magic wand.

Opal- Magic Wand Settings

Select the openings here:


16. Then go to SELECTIONS- MODIFY- EXPAND by 2. Add a new layer and move it under the setting. Change your flood tool back to the silver glitter.jpg and flood fill these areas. 17. EFFECTS- 3D EFFECTS - INNER BEVEL with these settings:

Opal-bevel settings
18. Open your Opal stone, EDIT- COPY. Click on the setting: EDIT- PASTE AS A NEW LAYER and move this to the top layer.

19. LAYERS- MERGE- MERGE VISIBLE. Add a new layer, move it to the bottom of the layer palette and flood fill with any background color you would like, add a small drop shadow to the setting and frame as desired. Your Opal stone is done :)