Reflections of a Rose Tutorial

Reflections of a Rose
Screen shots are PSP XI
This tutorial has been tested in PSP X, XI and X2
Tutorial © Quick Creations
Written 10/22/08
Added to the tutorial section on 4/29/11

Permission is granted to Stepping Stones Though PSP Yahoo group to use this tutorial for teaching purposes but the files and this tutorial belong to Quick Creations. None of the files or the tutorial itself may be uploaded to any other group or sent through email. If you have any questions or find an error on the tutorial please email me.

Supplies Need:

  1. Toadies 2 Filter, which you can download from the authors site.
  2. Two Fonts of your choice. I used Diamond Dreams and Black Rose. Both can be downloaded from Urban
  3. PSP Screen shots were taken in PSP XI
  4. My zip file of supplies. Download
    Inside the zip are the following files:
    My Red Rose Tube: place in your tube folder
    My Diamonds Mask: place in your mask folder
    My Red Rose Gradient: place in your gradient folder
    My terms of use text file, please read :)
  5. Tutorial Skill Level: Intermediate (some steps are basic instruction and knowledge of the program is assumed)

1. Open a new image 600 x 400, transparent background and 72 resolution.

2. Change your foreground color to white and your background color to the Red Rose Gradient with these settings:

Gradient Settings

Flood fill your image with the Red Rose Gradient.

5. Selections | Select All | Selections | Modify | Contract by 40. Add a new layer and flood fill with white. Selections | Select None.

6. Layers | Load/Save Mask | Load Mask from Disk | Find the Diamonds Mask and use these settings:

Mask Settings

7. Right-click on the mask layer and merge group.

8. Effects | Texture Effects | Emboss

9. Add a new layer.

10. Select your Picture Tubes | Red Rose-QuickCreations: Change the scale to 65 and click in the middle of your image.

11. Use the Move Tool to place the stem of the rose at the bottom corner of the diamond point. (Refer to finished example for placements on these next few steps).

12. Duplicate this layer.  Image | Mirror.  Move this layer under the original rose layer and move the rose up slightly and lower the opacity level to 32.

13. Highlight the mask layer. Selections | Select All | Selections | Float | Selections | Modify | Feather by 15 | Selections | Invert

14. Highlight the layer with the rose copy and hit the delete key. Selections | Select none.

15. Select your bottom layer with the red gradient. Effects | Geometric Effects | Circle: edge mode-transparent.

16. Image | Resize by 52 PERCENT and Resize all layers UNchecked. (For PSP X2-click on the advanced settings to find the "Resize all layers" box)

17. Select your pick tool to get the bounding box around the circle, grab the box in the middle and move the circle up and over to the left.

Circle Placement

18. Effects | Plugins | Toadies | Plain Mosaic Blur with these settings: (These are the default settings)

Toadies Setting

Duplicate this layer. Image | Flip

19. Turn off the visibility on all layers except these two mosaic layers. Merge visible.

20. Effects | Distortion Effects | Wind with these settings: Wind directions: From right and Wind strength: 100.

21. Duplicate this layer. Image | Mirror. Make your layers visible again, and make any adjustments to placement, I moved them together more and one down slightly.

22. Add a new layer. Right click on the layer, Arrange | Send to the bottom. Flood fill with your foreground color of white.

23. Highlight your first layer. Select your Text Tool and the fancy font of your choice, I'm using Diamond Dreams font. Font size: 125, Foreground color: Transparent, Background Color: Red Rose Gradient, Create as a Vector. Type the first initial of your name and place in the lower left-hand corner. I scaled mine letter a little taller. Convert to a raster layer when your happy with the letter.

24. Change your background color to Black, change the font, I'm using Black Rose, font size: 72 and type your name. Convert to a raster layer.

25. Effects | 3D Effects | Inner Bevel with these settings:

Bevel Settings

26. Effects | 3D Effects | Drop Shadow with these settings:

Drop Shadow Settings

27. Let's add the same drop shadow to our initial, the silver diamond mask, and the main rose image. That's it! If you're using my supplies, please add my copyright notice and URL to the finished tag. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. If you have any questions or problems, please email me.

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