Tie Dyed T-Shirts

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Tutorial Date
July 13, 2001
**Tutorial Updated on February 26, 2006**
Previously written for PSP 6
now rewritten for PSP X with new screen shots

We are making the rainbow tie-dyed shirt above.
Here's what you'll need:
Paint Shop Pro (Screen shots are of version X but it can be done in earlier versions)

You'll also need my zip file HERE.  The zip file contains the following files:
TieDye Tshirt_qc.PspSelection (Place in your Selection folder)
TieDye Tshirt Cuffs_qc.PspSelection (Place in your Selection folder)
tshirt_qc.bmp (Place in your Texture folder)
TieDyed Gradient_qc.jdg (Place in your Gradient Folder)

This tutorial assumes you have a basic knowledge of Paint Shop Pro.

Let's get out all those dyes, rubber gloves, newspapers, paper towels, buckets, rubber bands and get started.... wait....I mean, open up PSP and let's make some Tie Dyed t-shirts.

(1) Open a new image 300x300 with a transparent background. Add a new raster layer.

(2) Go to SELECTIONS- LOAD FROM DISK-and open my "TieDye" Tshirt_qc selection.

(3) Use your flood fill tool with these settings to flood fill the selection.

Flood Fill

(4) Go to EFFECTS- TEXTURE EFFECTS -TEXTURE click on the arrow (highlighted in black) browse to the t-shirt_qc texture and apply the following settings.


(5) Go to EFFECTS- TEXTURE EFFECTS -FUR with the following settings:

Fur Settings

(6) Let's give a little dimension to the cuffs and collar of our shirt. Go to SELECTIONS- LOAD FROM DISK and load my TieDye TShirt Cuff_qc selection. Then go to IMAGE- EFFECTS- INNER BEVEL with these settings:

Bevel Settings

next SELECTIONS-SELECT ALL, SELECTIONS-FLOAT,add a new layer then EFFECTS - and apply a cutout with these settings:

Cut Out Settings

Deselect. Merge layers, visible.

(7) We're going to give ourselves a pattern for the tie dyed effect. You can do any pattern you like but this is what I did. Add a new raster layer. Change your foreground color to white; background to none/transparent, line width 4, create as vector unchecked.

Draw some circles like this: Use your pick tool to place your circle where you want and add a layer for each circle. Select your pen tool: mode: draw lines, vector unchecked, width: 4; line style: solid. This is what I have:

Line Placement

(8)Select the layer your t-shirt is on. Select the Lighten/Darken brush (keyboard shortcut "L") with these settings:

Follow the lines on your pattern. Tie-dye lines are never straight, so make some wavy lines. Here's what it looks like with the pattern:


When you're done with your design, delete your pattern layers and you're done. Your very own tie-dyed t-shirt and you don't have dye all over the place and your washing machine isn't a pretty shade of pink either.

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and I'm sure you can find someone that would like to wear a new tie-dyed shirt :)

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