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**Updated 7/10/10**
Original Tutorial Date
June 14, 2001

To make the Tiger Eye stone, here's what you'll need:

Paint Shop Pro  (Screen shots were taken in PSP XI but the tutorial will work in other versions)

You'll need my zip file. Containing the following files:

Copper Glitter Fill-quickcreations.jpg (open when needed)
Copper.bmp (place in your pattern folder)
Tiger Eye Stone Setting-quickcreations.PspSelection (place in your Selection folder)
Preset_Sculpture_Tiger Eye Stone-qc.PspScript (place in your Preset folder)
* If this preset does not work in your version of PSP just use the settings that are in the screen shot.

You'll need a basic understand of PSP tools and locations as I am giving general directions

Let's get started:

Open a new image, 100x100 with a transparent background, anti-alias checked.

With the selection tool set at "Eclipse" draw an oval.

Add a new raster layer and open the Copper Glitter fill and with the flood tool set at pattern, flood fill the selection. DO NOT DESELECT this oval until the very end.

Add a new raster layer. Change your fill style to solid color and flood fill with white.

Then go to EFFECTS, TEXTURE EFFECTS, SCULPTURE with these settings: Copy and paste this code for the color : #E07950

Select your Push Brush with these settings:

Start from the outside and push the copper to the center slightly, until you have something similar to this:

Add a new layer. Take your paint brush, color black with these settings:

Draw some black lines similar to this:

Go back to the Push Brush with the same settings as before and blend in the lines. There is no right or wrong here and every stone will look different.

Add a new raster layer. Then go to EFFECTS- 3D EFFECTS- CUTOUT with these settings:

Add a new raster layer and apply the cutout again but change the horizontal and vertical settings to -5.

Add a new raster layer. Select your Ellipse Tool, backgroun color white, foreground color transparent, anti-alias checked, create on vector unchecked. Draw an oval in the center of your stone.

Take the paint brush with the same settings as before and draw 2 lines here:

ADJUST- BLUR- GAUSSIAN BLUR with a 7.00 radius.

Layers, merge visible.

SELECTIONS- MODIFY- EXPAND by 7 (if you don't have enough room on your canvas to do this then go to IMAGE- CANVAS SIZE. Change your height and width to 125 x 125).

Add a new raster layer and move under your stone layer. Change your flood tool back to pattern, and flood fill with the copper glitter. Then, EFFECTS -3D EFFECTS- INNER BEVEL- with these settings:

Deselect. Merge layers visible. Your stone is finished. You can export as a tube at this point.

You can continue with the stone setting or you can draw your own following The Tilly Garden tutorial for Simple Drawings. This is how I made my stone setting.

Minimize your tiger eye stone and open a new image 200x200 with a transparent background.

Add a new raster layer, then go to SELECTIONS- LOAD FROM DISK- and open the Tiger Eye Stone setting_qc selection. Use the flood tool set at pattern and flood fill with the copper glitter. Deselect. Open the tiger eye stone, EDIT- COPY- and paste as a new layer onto the setting. Use the pick tool to resize the stone slightly smaller, then ADJUST- SHARPNESS- SHARPEN.

Duplicate the stone layer and move the second stone to the bottom of the setting. Click on the pick tool again, hold the shift key down and grab the top corners and push toward the center to form a tear drop shape. Then ADJUST- SHARPENESS- SHARPEN.

Merge all layers visible and you're done. I hope you've enjoyed the tutorial :)

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