Turquoise Stone Tutorial

Updated May 27, 2011
PSP Versions X2, XI & X
Original Tutorial Date
May 25, 2001 (PSP Version 6)

This tutorial is my original work and may not be copied, placed on CD or posted on another site without my expressed written consent. Please do not send the tutorial itself or any of it's files through email. If you have any questions or problems please feel free to email me.

Paint Shop Pro Screen shots are using PSP X2 and has been tested in PSP XI & X.

You'll need to download and install the MuRa's Meister Cloud 2.2 filter. If you are using Windows Vista with this filter please see my notes HERE before using this filter.

You'll need my ZIP FILE for the stone setting (extract the file to your selection folder) and the zip also contains the Turquoise Glitter image. Open the jpg when needed. The stone setting is optional.

Tutorial Skill Level: Intermediate (some steps are basic instruction and knowledge of the program is assumed)

1. Open a new image, 100 x 100 with a transparent background, 72 resolution.

2. With the Selection Tool: Selection Settings

3. Draw an oval in the center of your canvas but leave some room as we will be adding a border around the edge of the stone.

4. Open the Turquoise Glitter.jpg and flood fill your oval selection. Leave this selected though out the tutorial.

5. Open the MuRa's Meister's Clouds plugin. Change the Preset menu to "Marble" first, then change the colors and the following settings.
You can play with the grain number to get different amounts of black veins on your stone.

Cloud Settings

6. Add a new raster layer. Go to Effects | 3D Effects | Cutout | with these settings:

Cutout Settings

7. Add a new raster layer, apply the same cutout but change the Vertical and Horizontal offset to "-5".

8. Add a new raster layer. Select your Ellipse Tool; Mode: Draw Ellipse; Create on Vector: Unchecked; Background color: white; foreground: transparent. Draw a small oval in the center of your turquoise stone.


9. Adjust | Blur | Gaussian Blur | Radius= 7.00

10. Layers | Merge | Merge Visible

11. Selections | Modify | Expand | by 8 pixels

12. Add a new raster layer. On the Layer Palette, drag this layer under your stone layer. Flood fill with the Turquoise Glitter.jpg (you may use any other setting or fill for the border of the stone if you prefer).

13. Adjust | Hue and Saturation | Colorize | Hue: 60 Saturation: 26. (If this setting is too dark for you, then lower the Saturation level more).

14. Effects | 3D Effects | Inner Bevel with these settings:

Inner Bevel Settings

15. Layers | Merge | Merge Visible. Minimize this window.

16. Open a new image | 150 x 150 with a transparent background, 72 resolution.

17. Selections | Load/Save Selection | Load from Disk | Load my Turquoise Setting Selection.

18. Flood fill this selection with the Turquoise Glitter.jpg. Repeat the color change and repeat the inner bevel setting (step 13 & 14). Selections | Select None.

19. Open the turquoise stone you just made and copy and paste it onto the stone setting. Make any adjustments to the size if needed. Merge visible and you're done. You can tube the stone by itself or with the setting.

I hope you've enjoyed the tutorial.

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