Twirl Tag by QuickCreations

Twirl Tag Tutorial
Updated for PSP X5: July 9, 2013
Original Tutorial Date: October 3, 2008

This tutorial is my original work and may not be copied, placed on CD or posted on another site without my expressed written consent. Please do not send the tutorial or any of it's supplies through email or upload it to any group. If you have any questions or problems please feel free to email me.

*Stepping Stones Though PSP does have my permission to use this tutorial in their group.

Supplies Needed:

Paint Shop Pro
Screen shots are Paint Shop Pro version X5

Tube of your choice or you may use my tube "Vase of Tulips" provided you include my copyright notice and URL on the finished tag. Download zip file HERE.

No outside filters or plug-ins are needed

Tutorial Skill Level: Beginner

1.  Place the tube in your tube folder if you're using the supplied tube. 

2.  Open a new image 600 x 600 pixels with a transparent background (we'll crop this down later).

3. Rename this first layer "tube".  Find my tube "Vase of Tulips" or use your own tube, click in the center of your image.

4.  Duplicate the tube layer and then highlight the original tube layer (now your bottom layer).  Go to: | Effects | | Distortion Effects | | Twirl | and use the setting 507 Degrees as shown below:

Twirl Settings

 5.  Rename this layer "Twirl" and with your move tool, move this layer up and slightly to the left (see finished example for placement).

 6.  Duplicate this layer.  Then: | Image | | Flip Horizontal | | Image | | Flip Vertical |   You'll have something like this now, I adjust my twirled images a little closer together:

Step 6 Example

 7.  Click on your top layer which will say "copy of tube".  Duplicate this layer, click on the layer and drag it to the bottom, just under the twirl layers.

Layer palette

 8.  Go to | Image | | Resize | change the resize to 150 Percent and make sure Resize all layers is UNchecked.


 9.  | Effects | | Texture Effects | | Mosaic- Antique | with these settings:

Mosaic Settings

Select your move tool and move the mosaic effect up and to the right of your tag.

10. Highlight your top layer. Select your Ellipse Tool.  Mode: "Draw Circle" |  Create on vector: "Checked" |  Line width: 3 |  Foreground and Stroke Properties color: any color |    Background and Fill Properties: transparent.  Draw a circle around your image. You can use your pick tool to move your circle.

11.  Select your text tool.  Foreground and Stroke Properties color: transparent |  Background and Fill Properties color:  #dea8fd (or your choice)|  Font: Your choice, I used Davida Bd BT | Size: 72.
Click on your circle and make sure your text tool changes to an "A" with a curved line under it, we'll be writing on text on a curve. Write your name or message.
Apply your changes.

Apply Text

Use the pick tool to make any adjustments to placement on your circle.

12.  On your layer palette, open up the vector layer by clicking on the plus sign.  Make the "New Ellipse" layer invisible by clicking on the Visibility Toggle.

Layer Palette 2

Close the vector layer by clicking on the minus sign, right click on this layer and convert to raster layer, renaming it "text".

3. | Effects | 3D Effects | Inner Bevel with these settings:

Inner Bevel Settings

Depending on the font you've used, you may need to play with your bevel settings to get the look you want.

14.  Almost done!  Now we'll add some drop shadows.  On all layers except the layer that has the Mosaic Antique effect (bottom layer: I prefer not to have a drop shadow with the mosaic effect but you can add the shadow on this layer if you prefer) , apply the following drop shadow:

Drop Shadow

15. Make any adjustments to placements and if you're happy, right click on the layer palette and merge visible.  Go to Edit | Copy | Edit | Paste as a New Image.  This crops the image without accidentally cutting off some of our drop shadow.

16.  Add a new raster layer and flood fill with your desired background color.  Add the copyright information if you're using licensed art or add the information for my tube that is included in the zip file. Resize as needed and you're done!

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